Our Mission & Work

Sustainable Chinatown is a collective impact initiative; bringing together City, philanthropic, and nonprofit partners united by a shared commitment to addressing both the cultural preservation and environmental sustainability needs in the neighborhood. At its core, this work aims to redefine what sustainability means for a community like Chinatown, where so many residents are already “green by necessity”—consuming fewer resources, living in dense housing, and walking and riding transit. For Sustainable Chinatown, “sustainability” is not just about environmental performance, but also about the long-term resilience of its culture and people in the face of looming threats such as gentrification and climate change. Our shared mission includes:

Preserve the community’s unique culture and history

Maintain the affordability of housing and commercial properties

Improve the neighborhood’s environmental performance

The initiative is guided by a Steering Committee committed to implementing the Sustainable Chinatown vision, comprised of staff from Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC), San Francisco Department of the Environment (SFE), San Francisco Planning Department, and Enterprise Community Partners. We will continue to expand our outreach to engage new partners and seek additional support from foundations and City departments to achieve the goals of Sustainable Chinatown.

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Couplets are a traditional form of two lines and people display them in their homes and businesses and on doorways to make specials occasions, such as the Lunar New Year. Terry Luk, a local Chinese poet and calligrapher composed these two couplets to describe the community vision of Sustainable Chinatown.


LEFT: A beautiful neighborhood with good fortune and peace.

RIGHT: Housing with luck, longevity and health.


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Sustainable Chinatown Handout and couplet poster.

A beautiful neighborhood with good fortune and peace.
Housing with luck, longevity and health.